artist statement

I am captivated by the ideals presented in culture. Places, people and things in are imbued with some promise of perfection, but reality is often some variation of that promise. Once the ideal is obtained, consumed or experienced, individuals can be left with a real experience that is different than the promised perfection. However, if the participant is willing to see the real experience outside the paradigm of the expected it can lead to a far more interesting encounter. My work represents the ideal with some form of variation or imperfection that leads to an experience outside that ideal.


My collection titled Wistful is composed of a series of still life paintings all reminiscent of the past. The work in this series offers typical perfection as the object once was, while within the paired piece the object is transformed by some type of loss or alteration. The transformation is infused with the fun of the journey and its compelling final destination.  

My series of chrysanthemum paintings are infused with an atypical, vibrant color and placed within a background that enhances its unusual characteristics. This group of paintings  stimulates visual appetites and emphasizes the beauty of imperfection. 




Nicci Sevier-Vuyk is a visual artist who has a passion for transforming the ordinary into the unexpected. Her work is motivate by the contrast between ‘the ideal’, as viewed through the lens of American culture, and the fascinating imperfection of reality. 

She was born in California, but spent much of her childhood in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a child Nicci was drawn to painting and color, and after a full career as a pediatric nurse practitioner, she focused her formidable powers on her lifelong delight in painting and creating. She resides in the city of Katy, in the great state of Texas.  




I use the finest quality acrylic paint on archival, museum quality panels or museum wrapped canvas. Each painting has a description and dimension details. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions. If you see a painting that has been sold but want something similar please contact me.